About Us

This is something about us and about the event

Xtacy is a three day festival, jointly brought together by IEEE JMI and ‘Some organisation’, aimed at celebrating student culture. It is a blend of technical and cultural events that builds a healthy competitive environment and at the same time provides students with a space to alleviate academic stress. Along with giving students a diverse platform to put forth their talents and display their relevant skills, Xtacy aims towards creating a holistic experience that stays with the students forever. It is the cohesion of technical and cultural backgrounds, a movement that binds the two opposite ends of the spectrum into one unified whole that hits the balance that is required for a techno-cultural fest. It is the heterogenous nature of this three day celebration that exposes the students to an assortment of activities that guarantee social and academic inclusion of one and all. The fest will draw audiences and participants from all around the region and will host an array of events that broadens their minds and imparts mental stimulation and contributes in the cognitive progress of the bright minds of today's youth. Xtacy aims towards the cerebral expansion of the students along with keeping their festive spirits alive. It is crucial for them to follow different directions that inspire them to seek new targets as both students and independent citizens in the society. The variety of technical events conducted under Xtacy give students a chance to endeavour different paths in technology and discover their interests. On the other hand, cultural events enrich the students’ understanding of heritage. It also explores today’s art form that creates the cultural heritage of tomorrow. The festival will be honoured by distinguished personalities from the art community and renowned leaders of technology who are stellar exemplars of their respective discipline.